Top 5 Easy Home Remedies to Help You Get Rid of a Black Eye

The most common question which you usually ask whenever there is a black eye on your face is that how to clear that black eye quickly.

There are numerous reasons that can bring you a black eye and do you know which one is the most common? It is getting hit in your face. Well, when you incur a black eye, besides the bruise that you have to suffer on the area around your eye, sometimes you might not even see clearly for a while. Particularly, there are cases which people might get headache as well.

Some of the reasons which might make you incur a black eye can be having some kinds of cosmetic surgery or face lifts, getting some nasal injuries, accidentally hit by the wall, door or some kinds of flat surface or sometimes it can be allergic reactions at extreme level.

However, you don’t have to break a sweat over a black eye as there are many home remedies that can help you clear away that shiner. But you will need to head to the hospital if your black eye is hurting badly and there is bleeding as those home remedies are only meant for application in case of no danger.

  1. Ice Pack

This one is obviously the first thing that will come to your mind when you incur a black eye. Also you need to bear in mind this remedy is best when you use it as soon as the bruise appears. The coldness will help to reduce the swelling around the eye’s area. Moreover, it can even cease the internal bleeding if any so that your bruise will not worsen.

All you need to do is taking couples of ice cube and wrap them in a clean piece of cloth. Well, it would be perfect if you use an ice-pack holder. Then you place that ice pack onto the bruised area for around 10 minutes. You can practice this remedy for 3 times per day for several days.

  1. Metal Spoon

Metal has always been regarded as an excellent conductor therefore, if you put it in cold place such as the refrigerator, the metal spoon will become cold. And so far, coldness is essential in the treatment of black eye due to its capability in ceasing any internal bleeding at the eye’s area as well as prevent the bruise from getting worse and dark.

As mentioned above, you just need to put the metal spoon into the refrigerator for a while for it to chill. Then you place that spoon onto the eye’s area and keep it on until the spoon is warmed back to room temperature.

  1. Warm Compress

This time, instead of cold, we will use heat to treat the black eye. If you think cold is the only option, then you have made a huge mistake. Heat can help you to stimulate blood circulation toward the eye’s area so that your eye can get well soon.

All you need is a holder for the heat compress, then you pour in the warm water. After that, you can put the compress onto your eye’s area and keep it on until the compress is cool. You can practice this method for 3 to 4 times per day.

  1. Tea Bags

This remedy is suggested to be used after you have the black eye for 1 or 2 days. The warm tea bag will act similarly to the heat compress as it improves the blood circulation at the eye’s area. Thus, the swelling around your eye will be greatly reduced. Moreover, with antioxidants such as epigalocatexin gallate  and polyphenols, it is no doubt that those tea bags can also stimulate the blood circulation.

For application, you can take out the tea bag while it is still warm and then place it onto your eye for 10 to 15 minutes. After that, rinse your eye carefully using clean water.

  1. Cucumber

Unlike what you are thinking, cucumber is actually a fruit and it also possesses lots of antioxidants like peroxydas and phenolic which are very valuable for the vascular circulation. Additionally, with the vitamin K, cucumber is also good at stimulating blood circulation as well as providing protein to prevent vascular calcification.

First you will need to have the cucumber chilled inside the refrigerator for a night. Then have the cucumber sliced thinly and put those cucumber slices onto your bruised eye. Keep them on until the cucumber gets warm.

Provided with all those simple yet effective home remedies, it is certain that your black eye will go away in just a matter of days.



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