Tips for Good Oral Hygiene and Healthy Smiles

Healthy smile is not possible without good oral hygiene. Which means, your smile and hygiene are linked and ignoring one can thus affect the other significantly. First of all, you should know that good oral hygiene stands for healthy and bright teeth and disease-free gums. It also indicates your teeth, mouth, neck, jaw and lymph nodes are free from any issues. It signifies brightness and whiteness to your teeth which is a key ingredient for healthy smile. That’s why oral care is necessary to look good, feel good and smile confidently.

Here are some key tips for good oral hygiene and healthy smiles:

Follow oral care practices routinely

Dentists recommend brushing, flossing, rinsing and tongue cleaning to help us maintain a good oral hygiene. They advise us to brush twice, use a toothpaste that contains fluoride, and get only soft-bristled brush for the cleaning. We’re also supposed to floss daily and then scrape the tongue to not allow growth of bacteria, plaque and germs. All these basic oral care practices ensure that your teeth and gums be healthy and free of any issues.

Take care of oral etiquette

Even if your brush and floss and rinse daily, this can never guarantee of total oral health and great smile. Why? Because, who knows you may not be on the right side of oral etiquette. Take for example, some people don’t brush twice, some take flossing lightly while a lot of them ignore tongue cleaning altogether. It’s also common for people to use wrong paste, eat and drink acidic items more than they should, don’t clean properly and use wring brushing techniques.

Eat and drink with care

Your oral care and smile will always be under risk if you don’t eat and drink with care. Take for example, you can’t go on eating sugary items or sweets or starchy things that can harm your teeth irreparably. You can’t drink critic juices and sports drinks much else they can weaken your teeth and take the shine off your smile. The goal should be to eat right and eat green vegs and fruits to ensure right nutrients and minerals to your teeth.

Stay away from tea, coffee and liquor

If you love your teeth and care for your smile, stay away from caffeinated drinks as they are very harmful for your overall dental health. Not only do they stain and discolour the teeth but also dilute the natural shade of your pearly whites to make them look faded. Worse still, drinking tea, coffee or wine in excess can leave you with dry mouth which aids in bacteria growth and cause bad mouth odour. So, be careful and maintain happy smile always.

Don’t smoke and avoid tobacco product

Your oral health is compromised when you smoke or use tobacco product. Both the habits can leave behind harmful chemicals in your mouth causing stain or discoloration. Worse still, all the whiteness and glow of your teeth is lost when you smoke or use tobacco items. They can affect your teeth and gums considerably and make you pay for the habit in future. So, lead a safe and healthy life to smile with confidence.

Get regular dental check-ups and cleaning

Regular check-ups are key to maintaining good oral health and healthy smile. They help you get cleaning where plaque and tartar is removed, scaling is done, dental issues are spotted at an early stage and right treatment is started. When you visit a top dentist in Hyderabad, you can be sure about quality treatment even without spending big and this is how your smile can be great and healthy all over again.

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