Solution To Cramps Before Period

Cramps before period and dull pain are not the kinds of things women need. As women, you probably know many times and understand the suffering and nuisance because of the “red lights day” rebound. So do you know the cause of this condition and have you tried any treatments?

Causes of cramps before period?

Cramps before period are caused by normal contractions of the uterus. Most of the girl does not know the duration of the contractions as it can happen at any time. Before period, the contractions of the uterus are usually stronger and this causes you pain.

Solution to cramps before period

Cinnamon Tea

This is a tea that most women should drink to treat cramps before period. Cinnamon is popular for soothing and healing effects. This cinnamon tea is easy to make, just crack a cinnamon stick and add it to a glass of boiling water for 5 minutes. Then remove the scoop and add the milk or pure honey and drink tea.

Parsley juice

Parsley is a well-known herb worldwide with unique health-enhancing properties. Parsley effectively relieves cramps before period. To make this juice, you need three other ingredients: radish, carrot, cucumber. Beat all of them and drink at least 70 ml to relieve the pain.

Try these natural remedies to limit cramps before period as effectively as possible. They are simple and have no harmful side effects. Also, remember to drink plenty of water and eat foods rich in iron for a smoother menstrual cycle.


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