Nasal Congestion Home Remedies That Will Make You Breathe Easier

Nasal congestion can be quite annoying sometimes. Remember the day when you to sniff some tissue paper because you can barely breathe as you would?  Many people are suffering from this kind of situation and it’s very challenging just to do the job right when you have nasal congestion. Thus, it would be very helpful to check the following nasal congestion home remedies.

Humidifiers works

Nasal congestion is caused by thick mucus and inflamed respiratory system. This is a body’s natural reaction to infection and allergens. Well, it was supposed to help out really, not hamper with your daily routine. And steam helps in a big way both for allergens and for nasal congestion itself. Allergens travel by air. This makes it very annoying as a simple sniff over them will make your respiratory system go berserk, sneezing a few times in one go that is. But if you expose them to humidifiers, the air thickens and becomes heavy making the allergens travel slower.

This makes their chances of reaching you nose much lower. Thus, it return, your body can rest and be at peace. Steam will help your inflamed nasal passageway relax. It will let the blood flow more freely thus relieving you with the problem. If you don’t have a humidifier, you can make use of the ordinary hot water. Simply prepare at least two liters of hot water, place it over a bowl. You may put it in your room or in a bathroom. Let the steam works its part and relax. Inhale it freely to gain the benefits.

Hydration will help a lot

Did you know that proper hydration can help heal your body from multiple kinds of infection? Take for instance the case of nasal congestion. We know colds can get very annoying and can get you lots of inconvenience. But not so many people appreciate the fact that water can help. Drinking at least a glass every 40 minutes if you have colds can help the body eliminate the infection faster. Also, if you’re experiencing fever, water can help deal with your elevated body temperature. Then you have the juices. For as long as the juice was sourced naturally, not the kind that comes with lots of preservatives, it should be a good alternative.

Salt is very useful

Colds are commonly associated with sore throat. This is because the respiratory tract is nearby and infection can transfer pretty easily. For such, salt can help get rid of infection. You can do this by gargling with a salt solution. You need around 1 teaspoon of salt for this. Dissolve it into a cup of water and gargle with it. Do these at least twice a day until the symptoms disappears.

Ginger tea

Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties. And you know that nasal congestion is characterized by inflammation of the respiratory system. Sipping a good ginger tea thrice a day will not just keep the inflammation at bay but will also calm down your cough or sore throat.

And the process is fairly simple. Simply have a ginger root at hand. Grate until you have around two tablespoon of it, three if you want a more intense flavor and bite. Add a cup of hot water, wait for 5 minutes and sip your tea.

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