How To Relieve Menstrual Cramps With Some Basic Tips And Natural Remedies

Many women suffer from menstrual cramps. This once in a month, which could last for a few days, routine can bring havoc. And many women do not know how to relieve themselves with this painful experience. For this, here are some good practices that will help relieve menstrual cramps for good.


There are hundreds of diseases by which can be helped by indulging in physical activities. This is perhaps the reason many modern women suffer from the horrible experience of menstrual pain, the simple lack of exercise. When you exercise you do not just sweat hard and let your heart get pumping, you’ll also clear any obstacles that might be present in your system. Things like hormonal imbalance and poor blood circulation is among the culprit in muscle and menstrual cramps. Some experts even link it to having stress. So how can you benefit from having regular exercise?

One, it keeps your blood flowing. This means that some possible obstruction present all over your blood vessels, especially over your reproductive system, will be pumped out making it easier for your system to get rid of pain and deal with hormonal imbalance. Two, there’s the endorphins or the happy hormones. When you sweat a lot, your body releases this hormones making you feel better instantly. And exercise does not have to very tedious, but you have to do it regularly to reap the benefits. Brisk walking 20 minutes a day, excluding warm up, for at least three times a week will give you these benefits.

Cleansing Diet

A few days before you expect your period, keep your body “tuned” up by having a cleansing diet. Some people may think that cleansing diet can be difficult, that you have to change your daily food routine. Not too much actually. But do take note to eat healthy alternatives. Munch on fruits and veggies as much as you can. Substitute your usual snack with a serving of fruit. Keep things in check by refraining as much as possible from eating fatty foods.

Although these foods are not all bad, the fatty part can affect blood circulation. If you can take it, eating garlic, onions or a ginger tea twice a day will help clean your system. Mind you, diseases and muscle cramps starts through a simple inflammation. Cleansing yourself internally can help get rid of these inflammation thus getting rid of menstrual cramps. Further, keep your body hydrated all the time. Water is among the simplest cleansing agent you can have.

Cut Caffeine

We all enjoy the aroma and taste of coffee. Some people even gulp up to 5 cups a day. As much as it offers pleasure, caffeine from coffee keeps your body working harder. One of the effects of coffee is elevated blood pressure. And this is not a friendly approach when dealing with menstrual cramps. It must be noted that pain associated with your period starts when oxygen is lacking over the uterus area. Another fact is, elevated pressure will further congest the oxygen flow making the pain worse.

So, it would for your benefit to eliminate caffeine in all forms, smoking and soda included. If that may be impossible, cut your caffeine intake by least 40% so you can still reap the long effects.

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