6 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Lice

Imagine after a sleepover, your child gets to scratch his or head more often. This the first sign of lice infestation. Often, kids are prone to this problem as they are not, most of the time, aware of the problem. Lice infest on the head where they can hide behind the hairs without disturbance. And yes, adults can have head lice as well. A few living over your head can cause huge problems later as they multiply quite fast. For that, here are some home remedies to get rid of lice you can do within the premises of your home.

Baby Oil plus White Vinegar

Suffocation is among the best approach when dealing with lice. These little creatures cannot be totally eliminated when you have to press it one by one. Thus, suffocating them under your hair is the fastest way for them to leave your head. It makes sense to use baby oil to do this job.

All you have to do is apply baby oil on your head generously. Saturate every strand of it. This way, lice will have nowhere to go. After a few minutes, you might see lice falling off your head which is their natural reaction. Some may be dead while some might still be alive. Do what you have to do. Then after some time, rinse it with shampoo or better yet take a hot shower. Do this in the morning. At night, apply white vinegar on your hair and scalp. This will further eliminate those lice. When you think it’s necessary, you may opt to leave it overnight. Cover your hair with a shower cap or towel. In the morning, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. Repeating these steps for 3 consecutive days will gain positive results.


Although this is not related to bacterial or viral infection, in which garlic has a lot to say about, the pungent smell of this kitchen spice could help in eliminating lice. And the fact that it’s easy to do, you can do it in no time.

First, you have to prepare around 10 cloves of garlic. Ground it and form it into a paste. Apply unto your hair and leave it for at least 20 minutes. By this time, the mixture could have already seeped through your scalp suffocating, and eventually killing, the lice. And alternative for this is to mix the paste with oil. This approach can be easier to manage as you will have an easier time spreading the mixture over your head. But if the infestation is quite high, you may opt to leave the mixture overnight so you can further enhance the effects. Simply cover your hair with shower cap or towel. Remember to rinse it very well in the morning as garlic’s smell can be hard to tame. Repeat for up to two days only.

Coconut Oil

As with baby oil, coconut oil can have the same effects. But to further up the efficiency, use virgin coconut oil (VCO) for this. The reason is the fact that VCO comes with even better moisturizers than can help the scalp rejuvenate on the process.

Apply the oil over your hair in generous amounts. Make sure it will cover every inch of it. This will make sure that there are no areas left for the lice to get cover. Massage it to saturate up to your scalp. Cover it with shower cap and leave it overnight. Wash your hair, as you would, in the morning. The bonus here is that you’ll not only get rid of those lice but will help repair your hair as well.

Nit Comb

Next on our list of home remedies to get rid of lice is a nit comb. This old-school approach is actually the most effective, but time consuming as well. And another good thing about this method is the fact that it can be done even for your children, think about toddlers. The  reason? It does not involve any harmful chemical or leaving a mixture overnight.

You simply need to comb the hair strands with it and you can start seeing the result, lice falling off. But a better strategy would be to apply conditioner or baby oil on the hair so it will have enough lubrication. The lubrication part works in two ways: it will give you easier time combing your hair and it will make lice stick lesser over your hair stands. Comb the hair up to the tips for around 20 to 30 minutes. Do this for the next 3-5 days. This time, you might have already eliminated 95% or more of the infestation, including their eggs. His won’t kill the lice so you might have to do that, manually.

Lemon Juice

Acidic nature can be a huge problem for lice. This is the main weapon of lemon juice. The natural acidity of lemon juice exposes the lice to unlivable environment thus it won’t live much long. And the same acidity will deter future infestation as well.

Simply squeeze lemon juice directly over the hair and scalp. Leave it that way for at least 30 minutes. Rinse it afterwards with lukewarm water. This can be done as well for prevention. Do the same process and the lice will not stick around.

Stop Sharing

And when you think that a family member is infested, make sure that he or she does not share your comb. Also, it’s a good idea to wash combs after using it. Are your children fond of stuff toys? When he or she has infestation, it’s very much possible that some lice have found their way there. For that, it will better off to seal it way for two weeks inside plastic bags. By that time, the lice will die out of starvation. Wash pillows and pillowcases. In other words, the things that might have made contact with his or her head are possible sanctuary for these parasites. Do the above mentioned approach and clean everything. That would be enough to do the trick.


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