Fast And Reliable Treatment: Known Home Remedies For Runny Nose

Known Home Remedies for Runny Nose

Well, if you are among those people that have a thing or two about allergens such as pollen or dust, runny nose can be very problematic. There are times during the year in which runny nose becomes really “common”. Take for instance during the dry season which pollen and dusty environment tends to come. The cause of runny nose is allergic reactions. Initially, your respiratory system is exposed to allergens. After which the body will try to run off those allergens through production of mucus which is natural. The problem is some people experience worse than the others. Thus, often, this situation becomes a burden. But here are some simple home remedies for runny nose that will help alleviate your feeling.


Although runny nose is oftentimes caused by allergens, what causes it to persist is bacterial or viral infection. This is the reason that even though you have already freed your nostril from allergens, the symptoms still lives. This is because secondary allergic reactions has onset which was caused by microorganisms, may it be from the allergens or simply invaded after the initial allergic reaction. Ginger can help with this through minimizing inflammations. It’s a known fact that allergic reactions starts with inflammations, it starts in your mucus membrane and sinuses and ginger can be a perfect solution. And also good thing to note is that ginger has antibacterial/antiviral properties which can further hasten and lessen the symptoms in no time. To do this, you have to slice fresh gingers, add a cup of water and serve as tea. This may look simple but this will soothe your respiratory system efficiently. Take 2 to 4 cups each day.


One of the most common solutions to health problems: salt. This is as well the most common thing or ingredient one can find in an average kitchen. Think of salt as the all-in-one reliever. The main reason salt can do this is the fact that it helps flush out toxins. And this can be used in a very simple manner to relieve runny nose. All you need to do is to add a pinch over a warm cup of water then stir the solution. Gargle with it for few seconds. This will flush out harmful microorganisms and allergens from your system. It works because your mouth and nostrils are interconnected. Thus harmful microorganisms from your nose can go down your mouth where you can flush it out. Also, it would be wise to wash your nostrils with the same solution for the same reason.


As with colds, steam tends to relax inflamed sinuses and mucus membrane. As explained above, an allergen causes the membranes to be inflamed. This is the reason over production of mucus happen which then continuously drains from your nose. Also, this does not just clear inflammation but also help drain excess mucus. Another bonus is the fact that it clears your nose from allergens. To gain these benefits, you need a bowl of hot water and a towel. Prepare the hot water first. Then you have to drape the towel over head so you can inhale most of the steam. Breathe in the steam for as long as you can take. A note of caution; be mindful that although this is just steam, it can be very hot if you’ll be exposed for a long time. Some people have higher tolerance over this and some have lower. So, work within your limits. You can do this for a minimum of five minutes each time. Do this for at about 3 to 4 times each day. Blow your nose after. You may add Eucalyptus oil to further enhance the effects of steam.


If there is one solution that works perfectly for numerous ailments, that would be garlic. Garlic is a natural antibiotic. It’s a powerhouse when it comes to treating diseases. It has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. To say the least, garlic works perfectly. It can help runny nose by keeping the secondary infections at bay. Essentially, when you have a runny nose, your body will downed by the situation. Often, it panics to get rid of the allergens. This often would result to poor immune system as it will concentrate more effort in getting rid of the first problem. That’s when bacteria and other harmful microbes start to invade the body. If your body isn’t up to the challenge, it will fall and get worse as days pass. This is where garlic will be of great help. It works with the body’s effort in guarding against secondary infections. To have these benefits, you need around 4 of cloves of fresh garlic. Boil it with 1 cup of water. Strain the solution. Take it twice each day. An alternative is to chew on a small clove of garlic. If you can take its taste then this is the preferred method. Take note that garlic will not just heal you runny nose but your colds as well.


Whenever you’re sick, your body consumes more fluid as it is working harder that average. At such, you need to drink more fluids as well. Other than that, more fluids will cause you to urinate often. This is actually advantageous as your body will be able to maximize eradication of the infection. Some folks may say that drinking water is not a very attractive proposition. Well, it doesn’t need to be water always.

Naturally-sourced fruit juices are also well suited for this, not the usual soda in cans. This will not just replenish your body with water but will also bring about faster healing as it also comes with lots of vitamins and minerals. So the next time you feel sick, gulp some more water.

Further, runny nose can actually last for a few days even with the right remedies done. But see to it that do the above mentioned home remedies for runny nose and it will surely help alleviate your situation. And the results will vary from each person. Also, you need to include a good and balanced diet to help boost your immune system. Exercise and lots of fluids, especially water, always plays a huge part in boosting your body’s defenses. And, as much as possible, stay away from known allergens. This is actually one of the best methods to deal with runny nose.

Home Remedies for Runny Nose for Toddlers

Runny nose can be problematic and disgusting as well. And for your toddler it means a huge burden especially if it’s the first time for a child to experience it. One common cause of runny nose is allergy. If you look at it, it is simply the body’s reaction to environmental stress. Although it’s normal for the body to produce more mucus to counter allergens, runny nose happens because the body was not in the right tune when it was exposed to that specific allergen. In short, it overkills the situation. And how can you control it? Here are some home remedies for runny nose for toddlers that might help.


As with colds, steaming helps clear the nose with mucus. The trick here is to expel all possible mucus that can be found in the nose. When exposed to allergens, those tiny bits can stick to the nose’s wall that can cause the immune system to give its all just to clear it. But that might not have happened thus your toddler experiences runny nose. Steam works in two ways and it is very helpful in alleviating the situation. One, it helps in expelling the mucus out. And second, it helps the immune system to relax as the body relaxes. An easy way to do this is in the bathroom and it does not require humidifiers. All you have to prepare is a few liters of hot water. Place it over your tub or a small basin. Bring your toddler in the bathroom so he or she can breathe the relaxing steam. Keep it that way and add some more water when needed. A 10-minute session could do the trick.


The cause of erratic sneezing and runny nose is allergens like dust on the air. For your toddler to stop sneezing, add a humidifier in the room. This can help lessen the chances of the allergens to travel freely thus it will minimize chances of reaching you child’s nose. This can help him relax and get some good sleep so his body can have ample time to recover.

Lemon juice

Slice some fresh fruits. Add it to a cup of warm water and serve as an alternative drink. It helps alleviate sneezing which is associated with runny nose. It has Vitamin C and other antioxidants which can help the body get rid of an infection like colds. This is also a good way to rehydrate your child as runny nose can be very stressful and tiring for him. Other citrus fruits can be as effective.

Further, help your child’s immune system by giving him fruits and veggies. These are good, natural sources of minerals and vitamins for proper immunity. A clean room, free from dust can be helpful. You might not have noticed it but your child’s pillow can be a home to allergens that can trigger runny nose. Clean it together with the beddings regularly. Some people find that applying vapor rubs helps. This eases the congestion and runny nose. But a note of reminder is that some children might find it very strong and might cause some discomfort. Saline sprays would be a great addition as well. It will help in clearing the nose from mucus and allergens in general.

Home Remedies for Runny Nose And Watery Eyes

Colds is among the most common complaints from millions of patient around the globe. And even with this kind global concern it still does not receive due importance from common people. With runny nose and watery eyes, colds will surely get in the way of wonderful day. For that, it pays to know just how to keep it in check. For that, here’s some of the ways to keep it at bay.


As mentioned above,  this herb can save you from dreadful cough and sneezing. When the body contracts colds, the respiratory system becomes inflamed thus rampaging and signaling the body it is under attack. The manifestation can be seen in the form runny nose and watery eyes. Why both? It is because the tear ducts and the respiratory system are actually connected. Back to ginger, this is one of nature’s best anti-inflammatory agents.

To reap the benefits, simply grate a tablespoon of the root. Also, you may slice it into thin pieces and add a cup of hot water. Sip the tea and savor the flavor, it is both relaxing and beneficial. Do this up to 4 times in a day.

Sour fruits / Vitamin C

This is natural anti-histamine. Remember that histamines are the ones responsible for wreaking havoc, signaling irritation even if it’s already gone. This is a natural allergic reaction of the body. There are commercially available anti-histamines but Vitamin C offers a natural solution. You may have take 1000mg of vitamin C to achieve good results from this, twice a day.

Fruits like oranges and lemon works to minimize sneezing and watery eyes. To do this, simply squeeze 2 tablespoon of the juice into a cup of warm water and gulp it down. This aids in relaxing the body’s receptors from over reacting from the irritations.

This is natural anti-histamine. Remember that histamines are the ones responsible for wreaking havoc, signaling irritation even if it’s already gone. This is a natural allergic reaction of the body. There are commercially available anti-histamines but Vitamin C offers a natural solution. You may have take 1000mg of vitamin C to achieve good results from this, twice a day.

But one good alternative for this, which does not pose any adverse effect, is to include high vitamin C foods into your diet. Citrus fruits like oranges are high with this Vitamin. Pineapple juice is also a good alternative. Substitute up to 50% of your water intake with natural juices, that’s at least 5 glasses a day, should help relieve your sneezing.

Saline spray

Saline helps in thinning down the mucus. This action cleanses the nostrils and all the allergens that are present. It works by draining the nose thus keeping the sneezing in control. There are commercially available preparations that you can readily use. Administer two squirts on each nostril and wipe your nose after.

And you can actually make your own saline solution at home. Simply prepare ¼ teaspoon of common salt and dissolve it in a glass of lukewarm water.  Administer two drops to each nostril through a small dropper. And because of its salty nature, it can eliminate harmful bacteria as well.

Further, eating lots of fruits and veggies can help promote a healthy body for better resistance to diseases. As sneezing and watery eyes can drain fluids, it helps that you drinks lots of water and juices. Gargling with warm water and salt will also help eliminate nasty microbes, do this at least twice a day. Also, steam inhalation helps. It relieves the nostrils from allergens. To do it, pour a half liter of hot water into a bowl and inhale the steam readily. This increases blood flow, relieving nasal congestion, making it easier for you to blow your nose. Do you have your own home remedies for runny nose?! Share it with us by commenting below.


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