Home Remedies For Razor Bumps

Known Home Remedies for Razor Bumps

Razor bumps happen when after you shaved, the hair regrow and curls along the process. This creates unsightly red bumps. Although it is technically harmless, these bumps are aesthetically unfriendly. Often, men do not shave until it is necessary for this reason. And it’s not just men that suffer the same fate. Women who shave their legs can be prone to this problem as well. For such reason, home remedies for razor bumps is such an important topic these days. For that, you may do these steps to eliminate razor bumps altogether.

Cold Compress

The burning sensation after you get after shaving is a sign that bumps is on its way. Why cold compress? It’s because it can have instant relief from burning sensation. It relaxes your skin from the sensation and it softens it so it can heal faster. When you do this right after you feel the burning sensation, you’ll have better chances of warding off those unsightly bumps.

To do this, you have to prepare couple of ice cubes and a piece of cloth, handkerchief would be just fine. Wrap the ice with the piece of cloth. Apply it over the area for at least 10 minutes. Do take note not to exceed 15 minutes as it might do more harm than good. Do this twice a day to counter the pain. Alternatively, you can use ice packs if you have one already.


This is among the cleanest food one can find. It does not just taste delicious, it’s also a very good antiseptic. Honey has antibacterial properties that make a good alternative for cleaning wounds. Using honey over razor bumps will have several benefits. First, it will clean the skin so no bacteria will further infect those razor bumps. Second, it is a good moisturizer. When applied unto the skin it will moisturize it leaving a supple feeling. This as well hastens the healing process. Additionally, because of the first two properties, it is a very effective anti-inflammatory.

For your razor bumps, you have to prepare generous amount of honey. Simply cover the affected area with honey. Leave it like that and let it dry out on its own. Don’t blow-dry it, let it dry out naturally. Now it’s time to wash it off with water, cold water is even more effective. Pat it to dry, never rub over it as it can further do additional damage. Do this up to three times a day if possible.


Cucumber has a lot to do with inflammation. This very simple veggie packs enough benefits that will simply make it effective with razor bumps. It has anti-inflammatory property that is very useful to counter razor bumps. It also packs vitamins, like Vitamin C, and minerals that can help heal the skin faster. It also hydrates the skin making it a good thing to have on your fridge.

To gather all these benefits, you have to prep the cucumber beforehand by placing it, sliced, inside the fridge. After 30 minutes or so, you may use it over your razor bumps. Apply a light rubbing motion over the area with cold cucumber. You’ll instantly feel the lessened pain and burning sensation. You may repeat this twice each day until it’s healed.

Oatmeal plus Yogurt

Oatmeal is really a wonder for the kitchen. Other than the fact that it’s very delicious, it comes with multiple uses. And among those is for your beauty regimen, like getting rid of razor bumps. Oatmeal soothes the skin from irritation and pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties that work with your skin so healing can be hastened. Another good thing, this approach is quite cheap.

For you to have these benefits, you need to prepare the yogurt and oatmeal in equal parts. Ground the oatmeal beforehand in a bowl then add the yogurt. Mix it thoroughly until it has a paste-like consistency. You may even add honey to the mixture. After which, apply the mixture over the affected area. Leave it for half an hour. Rinse with warm water, apply twice a day until it heals which is about three days on average.

Aloe Vera

Next home remedies for razor bumps is Aloe Vera. Dubbed as among the best herbal solution for so many skin problems. This is because of its anti-inflammatory property that, because of its natural origin, is able to work in tandem with the skin’s natural healing process. It works by cooling the skin. This in turn soothes the pain and eliminates further infection. If you have an Aloe plant at home then you can certainly apply this method.

First, pick fresh aloe leaves. Slice it and extract the gel out of it. Apply directly over the affected area and let it dry out. After which, you may wash it off with water. You’ll feel the difference immediately. Your skin will be moisturized and the irritation and inflammation is lessened.

Additionally, as with other things, prevention is way better than cure. And here some important things you must consider to lessen your chances of getting those razor bumps. Never use blunt blades. Although it won’t appear very dramatic, blunt blades will make you repeat the having strokes more. This in turn will shave more skin cells leaving razor bumps on its wake. There are multitudes of shaving creams these days. Choose a good quality one so you can have closer and safer shave each time. This will lengthen your shaving intervals in general. The use of electric shaver is a good option as it does not directly shave the top skin layers. Finally do avoid scratching or pricking the bumps. Your skin will sort it out, leave it at that. All you have to do is apply the above mentioned tips so healing can be hastened.

How to get rid of razor bumps naturally

Shaving is a part of modern living. Shaving makes things look neat and cleaner. The only downside of shaving is having razor bumps. This is often inevitable especially when you shave very close and very often giving your skin less time to recover. But it’s not the end, here are some important things you can do to give your skin better chance of recovery.


This is the most effective skin healer from nature and is very efficient in doing so. Razor bumps starts when skin is damaged several times without giving it enough intervals to recover. And after some time, when your skin isn’t healed completely before you shave again, ingrown hairs can develop. Thus, it would be wise to give your skin a better chance of recovering. Skin on its own has its healing system, but again it takes time. What you need is something to keep things steady and faster.

This is where Aloe Vera helps. This plant has soothing and anti-bacterial properties which makes it a good candidate to help with skin disorders. All you need is to squeeze the pulp of a leaf and apply liberal amount all over the affected area. Let it dry naturally before washing it off. Also, it would be a good idea to apply the same technique after each shave, even if you do not see any razor bumps. This will kill the bacteria found on the surface of the skin thus will lessen chances the occurrence of razor bumps.


Hot water pack helps in encouraging proper blood flow. This is one problem that results to development of razor bumps. You see, when your skin and hair follicles are deprived with oxygen, healing cannot fully stay on track. This is when razor bumps starts to appear and can become problem. Hot water packs can deal with this, especially if you have several ingrown hairs all over. Hotter temperature from the hot pack lets the blood flow more freely and easier. It also opens the pores thus making the skin breathe easier. This process eases out the bumps making their appearance less unsightly. If you have a hot pack at home all your need it to heat it. One alternative for this is by a cloth immersed into a hot water. Apply over the affected area for around 10 to 15 minutes.

Also, it’s worth noting that honey works with the skin’s healing process. Honey is not just a good substitute for sugar but has also an antibacterial property which helps the skin heal faster thus, the occurrence of further infection can be halted. It is also very important to use sharp razors. Many times, people do not see dull blades as the culprit. The thing is, dull blades results to lots more abrasions along the process. As dull blades require more strokes, it will also scrape more skin cells while you’re at it. And keep in mind that proper skin moisture helps a lot when it comes to skin’s recovery. Aloe Vera, as mentioned above, is good with this. Using a good shaving cream is also important to lessen friction. Lastly, let your skin recover before your start shaving again, a two-day interval would be ideal. This is one way to eliminate further occurrences of razor bumps.

Home Remedies for Razor Bumps on Legs

Shaving your legs can be very rewarding. You simply have to feel it, stare at it and adore it. But the thing is, shaving is not an easy-to-go-around kind of thing. Sometimes you can shave it and not worry a thing. Sometimes, it simply does not work for your benefit. One common complaint with shaving is the formation of unsightly razor bumps which do not just look awful, it also feels the same. Many women do face this kind of problem every day. Fortunately, you can, at least, minimize this problem and it might even improve your leg’s overall appearance. Check out the home remedies for razor bumps on legs below.

Aloe Vera

This plant do pack a lot of wonders when it comes to caring for the skin, you leg’s razor bumps included. As often razor bumps are caused by small cuts, it is important to help the skin heal faster. Pain is commonly associated with newly shaved legs, that burning sensation that can persist for days. Fortunately, Aloe Vera has a very soothing sensation which helps with the discomfort.

First you need ample amount of aloe for this. Open it up and take out the gel. Massage it thoroughly over the shaved area and leave it on for around 30 minutes or until it dries out. After that, wash it with water alone. But if so desired, use only mild soap so it won’t further strip the moisture. The nice thing about aloe, it won’t just repair your damaged skin, it will condition the rest of it as well. So, even if you’re not shaving today, aloe massage will surely help keep your skin healthy.

Cold Shower

Cold water works by calming razor burns. Simply prepare a cold bath. Pour some water over the affected area. This will soothe the burning sensation you experience. Alternatively, you may use ice pack and apply it over the shaved area to come up with same results.

Coconut Oil

A good advice for this is to use virgin coco oil (VCO). The reason for this is the VCO’s purer state thus it contains more beneficial elements that work in tandem with your skin’s natural healing process. Coco oil has lots of moisturizing elements that helps the skin maintain its natural moisture replacing the lost ones from shaving. To do this, simply apply liberal amount of oil all over your legs. Leave it on for at least 15 minutes then wash it with water and mild soap. It’s also worth noting that coco oil has antibacterial properties that aids in keeping further infections at bay.

To avoid, or simply lessen, razor bumps on your legs, it helps that you change your razors regularly. Take note that even if you do not use the razors, if it were exposed to moisture or water before, it will surely start to corrode making it dull. Thus you need to change it each month if possible. Also, you need to use shaving cream. This will moisten the hair follicles and the skin making it easier for you to shave it cleanly. Also, keep the shaving intervals longer. Shaving often will give the skin shorter time to recover making it prone to develop razor bumps. An interval of at least 4 days in between shaving is very desirable. Also, take care of your skin. Vitamin E supplement is one effective way to maintain those nice-looking pair.

Home Remedies for Razor Bumps in Bikini Area

For the ladies, having a clean bikini area is a huge plus during some beach holiday. But then this could also mean you either have to shave or undergo a painful waxing. Most folks prefer shaving because of ease. But then, another problem might surface, razor bumps. These nasty looking bumps are not just ugly, capable of ruining that bikini-worthy figure, but can be very painful as well. Of course, there are preventive methods available like using sharp blades and applying shaving cream. It will also be useful to shave with greater intervals like a week. Shaving with only a few days interval will likely to result in nasty razor bumps. If you want to bring back that good looking skin, especially over that bikini area, these are some useful steps you can take.


This is not just a very healthy food and sugar substitute, it’s also a good and natural antibacterial. If you have redness all over your bikini area after shaving coupled with swelling, applying a thin coat of honey over that area will help it heal faster. Using your fingers, apply honey liberally while massaging it. Wait for at least 10 minutes before washing it with water alone. Another alternative is to let it dry naturally before washing. Pat to dry to make sure no further damage will be done.


One common thing that makes razor bumps hard to deal with is the irritation. And for you to control that irritation, a good amount of oatmeal can help. Grind one cup of oatmeal into powder. Add water in equal amount and make a paste. Then add one tablespoon of honey and mix it again. Apply it over the affected area and let it dry naturally. Wash with warm water. This will soothe the irritation and will help get rid of swelling.

Hot Compress

Warm temperature encourages better circulation which is often the reason for swelling and redness of the shaved area. To do this, you must prepare a hot water, taking note of your own threshold. Dip a cloth over it and squeeze the excess amount. Place the cloth over the affected area to ease out the swelling. Repeat twice a day to hasten results.

Home Remedies for Razor Bumps on Neck

Shaving is a part of modern life. Getting rid of hairs is not just fad but a need. Unshaved hair under the neck can look awful and untidy thus men get rid of it often. But, just like with shaving on other areas of the body, razor bumps can develop over the neck as well. And that’s where the problem starts to show up. If you have the same problems, these solutions might give you a sigh of relief.


This method is quite simple. All you need to do is to sprinkle cornstarch over your bumps. It is advisable to wash your face first for better results. Then after that you should leave it on for about 20 minutes. After which you can wash it off with cold water. The cornstarch works by relieving itchiness and discomfort associated with bumps. It also clears your pores so ingrown hair can be minimized.

Cold Compress

Cold compress works by relieving the irritation and the swelling of the bumps. By that, it promotes faster healing of the skin. And this is among the easiest way to get around those unsightly razor bumps all over your neck. All you need is ice cubes. Apply the ice all over your bumps by patting it with the help of a thin towel for at least 5 minutes.  A thick, cotton cloth will also achieve the same result. You need a basin for this with iced water in it. Dip the cloth and pat it all over your neck.

Change your razors regularly

Even how good or expensive your razor may be, it still has its own set of service life. Take note that one common reason for getting those ugly bumps is using a dull blade. Blunt blades won’t easily cut those hairs but instead irritate the skin as you will likely to make use of more strokes than average. And the hair growth can be altered as you put more effort on your shaving technique. This a good recipe for razor bumps. Changing blades even just every six weeks will spell a huge difference over your face in the long run.

Aloe Vera

Next on our list of home remedies for razor bumps on neck is a much known skin moisturizer. And it does not stop there. It also has a very good soothing effect that can keep your skin cool and bump free. One good indication of razor bumps is swelling and irritation. For this, aloe vera is one perfect solution. It calms the bumps by soothing the irritation and inflammation. There are commercially available aloe solutions but it would be best that you get hold of the plant itself. All you need is to extract the pulp and apply it over the bumps. Rub it gently and liberally. Leave it on until it dries. After which, wash your face with cool water. Do this once each week for lesser bumps.


Also worth noting is the technique your use for shaving. Keep in mind that the less frequent you shave, the less likely you get those bumps so, as much as possible, don’t shave every day. This will give your skin ample time to recover. Then please cut down the friction on each of your shaving sessions. Use gel or cream for this purpose. Then after shaving, use moisturizers to help with your skin’s recovery. Aloe vera would be a good option for this. It’s all natural so you don’t have to worry about adverse side effects.

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