4 Known Home Remedies For Nasal Congestion You Probably Didn’t Know

Common cold is among the ailments that can be contracted by almost anyone over the globe. Although it may be seen as a minimal problem, when you contract it, it can be pretty annoying. And among the most annoying manifestation of this problem is nasal congestion. Imagine you have to go to work even though you’re still having a heavy head due to congested nasal cavity. That would surely be pretty devastating. Lose of concentration then frustration will be the next thing at hand. For that reason, it may come in handy to know these easy home remedies for nasal congestion you may use and can be available at home for you.


This method is the simplest and among the oldest approach in dealing with nasal congestion. Nasal congestion starts with the overly reactive respiratory system. Often, allergies are responsible in starting the cycle. When the body is exposed to allergens, the first thing that it will do is to get rid of it. In the case of nasal allergens, one way for the body to do this is by sneezing. This process would often solve the minor problems. But the thing is, some people are too allergic to certain substances that the body “overkills” the situation creating more problems than real solutions. And even though the allergens might have already been taken care of, the allergic reaction can still be pretty much present. That’s when nasal congestion starts to take place. This is caused by the inflammation of the nasal cavities. And one easy way to go around it is by relaxing the surrounding area.

This can be done through inhalation of steam. To do this, you have to prepare a basin filled halfway with warm, steamy water.  Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam. Repeat up to 4 times each day. Remember though that you have to do this within your own limits. Some people can inhale the steam for straight 5 minutes while others may find it hot to stay over 2 minutes.


After the allergic reaction sets in, colds would often starts to creep in. This is the sign that infection has already begun. This is made possible because the body’s immune system may be down while trying to get rid of the allergens. For this, garlic becomes an important player on your recovery. This very common kitchen ingredient has antifungal and antiviral properties. It works with the body’s natural defenses so it can get rid of the infection fast and efficient. This herb is among the most effective remedies for so many common ailments known to men; its efficiency is even comparable to modern antibiotics available.

To enjoy these benefits, you may boil around three garlic cloves in a cup of water. Serve as tea a few times each day. You may even add honey to enhance the taste. Alternatively, you may eat fresh cloves twice or thrice a day. Two cloves each time would do the trick.

Lots of liquid

Most often than not, nasal congestion is a manifestation of lack of fluid. A congested nasal passageway means the blood flow over the area may have been obstructed. The common reason for this is the additional flow of blood sent by the body due to the fact that it needs additional oxygen to combat allergies over the area. But in return, congestion starts as well. And when speaking about efficient blood flow, proper hydration will be present. Lots of fluid will help regulate blood flow over the nasal cavities. This in return will help out with the unrestricted flow of blood to and from the vessels found along the lining of the cavities. Water will be the best choice for this.

Drink at least a glass each hour to compensate your situation. And yes, juices can be very helpful like water, given that it is from natural sources not the ones processed and packaged found in grocery stores. Another thing to note, you have to lessen, or even eliminate, caffeinated drinks. The reason for this is the fact that caffeine is a mild diuretic. Meaning, it will make you expel more urine. This will not be very helpful when you need proper hydration.

Saline Spray

Next on our list of home remedies for nasal congestion is Saline Spray. Nasal congestion is, of course, accompanied by lots of mucus production. This as well intensifies the stuffy nose you are experiencing. You may blow it all day long but it won’t be very efficient to do especially when you have that thick, brownish color. For that, it would be easier to thin down the mucus. To do this, having a saline spray will be very helpful. Saline solution works by hydrating the mucus within your cavities. It’s not the ultimate solution but it will help out in expelling the mucus which can bring instant relief. There are available saline solutions on pharmacies. These are available over-the-counter and are safe even for children. Some, however, comes with decongestant drugs which can have the usual side effects.  For that, it is much safer to go with the ones that do not have it. Spray the solution in your nostrils, leave it for a few seconds then blow gently. It should do it.

It would also be a good idea to take a brief hot, steamy shower. This will have the same affects like having a steam inhalation. Peppermint can be helpful as well. It contains menthol which can help thin mucous and relax the nasal passages. Gargling with warm salt water will be helpful for scratchy throat which often accompany colds and stuffy nose.  And the ultimate problem with nasal congestion is when to try to get some sleep, it surely cause some burden. For that, it would be a good idea to put additional pillow under you head. This will drain the mucus faster. If you find the position awkward, smaller pillow will lighten the angle for your benefit.

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