6 Best Home Remedies For Menstrual Cramps

Having a period can look very usual. But for women, being on this situation every month can be chaotic. Minding your back during those days is dreadful enough on its own. Going to work or school can also be very disturbing at times. And that’s not even counting menstrual cramps. Having those stabbing pains can throw away your self-esteem without hiccups. For such, it’s a good thing to know some simple remedies that can help alleviate this situation. Know this, these are simple home remedies for menstrual cramps that can surely help you ease the pain.


Chemical compounds found in ginger help relieve pain by dealing with inflammation. The menstrual cycle starts with the egg cell at the ovary then placed on the fallopian tube then waits for the sperm cell to fertilize it. But if no contact with a sperm cell happens, the body discards the egg cell. This flushing out of egg cell is caused by the contraction so it can leave the body. Along with the process comes the gushing out of the blood. Somewhat comparable to having a fresh wound. This is actually a normal cycle.

But the thing is, the small amount of contraction can be felt more by some ladies. When this happens, it can trigger excruciating pain and some even with migraines. In other words, it causes inflammation. Since ginger is good with alleviating inflammations, it can perfectly help in reducing pain associated with menstrual cramps. Grate a small piece then add a cup of hot water, serve as tea. Take a few cups in a day during your period and it will give you a good sigh of relief.


Calcium is among the most important elements needed by the body. It is found in the bones and other parts of the body. It is necessary for the normal functioning of the muscles including the heart. If you look at it, the pain from menstrual cramps is also controlled by the muscles. But calcium plays a lot of importance in promoting good muscle functions. Simply put, it helps in giving the right rhythm for your body’s important functions. Poor muscles growth and poor blood clotting, which are again related with muscle cramps, can be influenced by calcium.

For this, taking the right amounts of calcium can be very beneficial for muscle cramps. Taking 1000mg each day can be enough. Your local drug store comes with different formulations for this. Also, there are foods that are rich sources for this mineral like dairy products, sesame seeds and almonds.

Cut off that Caffeine

Another notable home remedy for menstrual cramps is cutting off your caffeine intake. Taking a cup of coffee each morning could not be very fatal. But three or more cups should be looked upon if you wanted to eliminate those cramps. We cannot eliminate the fact the coffee may have been too involved with our morning habit but the problem is, it’s not just the coffee that comes with caffeine. Sodas come with a pinch. Energy drinks even has it in their nerves. Although beneficial to some extent, caffeine do come with a price, it agitates the muscles which then causes your body to malfunction a bit. Take the muscles for instance.

Caffeine do heightens concentration but it can cause palpitation as well. For this reason, it can affect the way other muscles like in the reproduction organ to work very eagerly, and in the case of menstrual cramps, causes more pain. Yes, cutting off coffee may be difficult for coffee lovers but it can work for the benefit of your health. Trimming down on caffeine can have positive effects or better yet, try decaf alternatives next time.


Heat promotes better blood circulation. It helps conquer the difficulties of the blood to flow freely along the blood vessels. Oftentimes, disturbed blood flow causes tremendous pain. Less constricted blood flow should work by freeing the uterus and other organs in the reproductive system from the high pressure making it work more efficiently.

This one is actually easier to do. All you need is a hot pack which, more often than not, is already available at home. Place it on your abdomen to regulate blood flow so you can have better chance of getting rid of the pain. Some folks are too sensitive to heat thus it should be noted that you must use this according to your preference.

Regular Exercise

As simple as walking for at least 20 minutes, three times a week can have great effects on your blood flow and hormonal balance. The circulatory system works like a regular pump. If there are constrictions along the pipelines, it would be difficult for the pumps to force water. Exercise ups the momentum of our circulatory system by making it exert more effort, forcing elevated blood pressure and clearing the tubes along the process.

This in turn will help your blood supply necessary nutrients and oxygen all over your body. Then, this will help the body eliminate toxins that often causes havoc to the otherwise smooth operation of the system.


Proper hydration is yet another key for proper body functioning. Drinking lots of water helps not just in eliminating toxins but can as well give your muscles faster relief during cramps. Many people does not appreciate the importance of water to promote good health but reality is, water can have great results in resolving numerous ailments like menstrual cramps.

It works by helping the body regulate water retention thus helping to avoid painful bloating during period. It may appear simple yet this can actually help you achieve almost pain-free during menstruation. Gulp a minimum of 8 glasses each day and see the results.

These home remedies for menstrual cramps might help you lessen the pain, but if the pain is too much for you to take, it is always advisable to see your doctor so he/she can give you proper medications.

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