Remedies That Can Be Find At Home For Those Having A Gum Disease

Gum diseases are a manifestation of some serious problems like malnutrition in children. For adults, this can mean that you have some bad habits like smoking or maybe just negligent over your oral hygiene. Whatever the reason, the result can be annoying like having a bad breath. Thus, you need to do the following remedies to alleviate your problem.

Salt gargle helps

To think about it, a simple salt gargle actually works. The salt works by inhibiting the further spread and growth of bacteria. This is a very technique that could save your gums. To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. Swish it in your mouth for around 15 seconds until your finish the cup. Do this thrice a day until the infection goes away. You may even do this as an addition to your regular oral hygiene regimen.
home remedies for gum disease - salt gargle

Flossing helps

As simple as it sounds, flossing can actually help in keeping the growth of bacteria at bay. Most often, after you eat, some food particles can get caught in between teeth. If you are not careful with this, it can become a haven for bacterial growth. This will not just cause cavities but also gum problems. Thus, even if you brush at least twice a day, you might also need to floss even once every two days. Yes, it will help your brushing regimen work more efficient and better overall. And it’s really cheap.

home remedies for gum disease - flossing

Enjoy a healthy diet

Many people complain about having a frail gum health but not too many see that a healthy and well-balanced diet has something to say. Think about it, healthy gums starts with a healthy immune system. This can only be possible through a healthy living. Eating vitamin-rich food and avoiding habits that can destroy your mouth’s natural defenses can help your gums heal completely. To start with, eat citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. This water-soluble vitamin is important in building healthy cells. It helps the body counter infection and repairs the damaged tissues as well.

home remedies for gum disease - healthy diet

Ginger is a good for inflammation

Ginger tea is not just good for throat infection, it’s also good in dealing with gum problems. Sipping the tea out of it can help a lot in relieving the pain and inflammation. Prepare a cup by grating the herb until you have around 2 tablespoon. Pour a cup of hot water, leave it for around 5 minutes and sip it. Alternatively, you may wait for it to get colder and gargle.

home remedies for gum disease - ginger tea

And here are some things that you need to avoid. First, beware of smoking. This is among the most bothersome and the most common cause of gum infection yet many people do not appreciate the danger it poses. Quitting smoke is the best thing you can do for your health. And brush your teeth carefully, take time to do it as it important for your gum’s health. Try to reach the problem areas and choose a softer brush so further damage can be avoided.

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