Great Remedies For Your Toddler Gingivitis!

For parents, seeing bleeding gums on their child can cause panic. But before you start a rampage, there are things that you really need to know about gingivitis. For one, this disease could be a sign that your toddler’s oral hygiene might be not sufficient enough. For that, you should be looking for the things that might have triggered it like poor brushing cycles, common in young children. What you can do is to improve such things and see to it that your child really is doing it religiously. Remember that this age will define his habits when they grow older, the schooling age. And when you see bleeding gums or a foul breath, here are some things you can do at home.

Soft diet

Gingivitis can cause discomfort and pain even for adults. How much more will it be for a toddler? As simple closing of their mouth may cause a lot of discomfort thus you need to change their diet to pure soft alternatives. This is to lessen pain which can bring about more problems later on. As much as possible refrain from hard fruits like apples as it might trigger even bleeding. Alternatively, you can still offer fruits for as long as you crush it beforehand.

Fluids and Juices

As most toddlers will be having problems chewing their food, it would be a good idea to resort to juices and water, breast milk would still be best during these ages. Also, as this can trigger fever, fluids will help the body normalize its temperature. Further, it will hydrate your child better so healing can take place much faster.


If bleeding gums is accompanied by fever, try slicing onions and place it under his or her feet, inside a sock. Many people testified that it is effective in lowering body temperature. Although scientific community is still to uncover the real answer, the basic thing that makes this work is the onions ability to heal the body when eaten. While under your feet, the skin in contact will have enough nerves to bring the good in and eliminate bad ones out. You can do this on one foot but having it on both feet would be best.

Aloe Vera

This may be a very tricky approach as not most toddler will let you touch their gums readily, more when they experience pain. But if your toddler permits you, aloe vera will soothe the pain and help heal the infection. To apply, open aloe leaves. Use cotton buds to apply the gel. Leave it for 30 seconds. After that, you need to brush the gums lightly. This is necessary as toddler might not yet able to properly rinse their mouth with simple gargling. Do this at least once a day to rip the benefits.

Further, proper diet can also create a huge impact over gingivitis. Fruits and veggies rich in vitamins and antioxidants will help eliminate recurrence after your child’s gums heal. Then choose a soft toothbrush. This is so you can lessen the discomfort during brushing which could lead to poor oral hygiene, a good way for gingivitis and other gum problems to start.

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