Best Parenting Tips: 4 Known Home Remedies For Diaper Rash

Having a baby can be the most rewarding gift one can have. But that does not mean it doesn’t have challenges along the way. Rearing a baby is very challenging and tricky. Think about waking up late at night just to change a diaper. But of course, you have to take care of the things like sick days. And among the common thing parents are facing with their babies is having a diaper rash. Most often, this can lead to sleepless nights and that could be very challenging if you have to go to work in the morning. Diaper rash can be very itchy and painful and this can even lead to some serious problems later on. To solve this problem, here are some home remedies for diaper rash that you should consider trying.


Oatmeal can be a very tasteful morning ritual. It can also be a very tasteful snack. For this reason, it is very common to find it on an average kitchen. This very simple food though packs a lot of useful nutrients that can help the skin recover from diseases or infection. It works by rejuvenating the skin’s natural structure and composition which in turn helps in promoting healthy skin. There is enough amount of protein in the oatmeal that can help repairing the scarred skin. Saponin, a compound present in oatmeal, also helps in absorbing oil that may have clogged the pores of the skin which could have been the cause of irritation. In much simpler terms, oatmeal cleanses and repairs the skin simultaneously. To do this, simply add a tablespoon of dry oatmeal into your baby’s bath water. Let his or her bottoms soak in the solution for around 10 minutes. This approach will soothe irritation. After which you may use the same solution to bathe your baby. Doing the soaking part twice a day will have great benefits.

Coconut Oil

From the nature’s best healing tree, comes oil that can bring about healing in all aspects. Coconut oil was previously perceived to be unhealthy if used with foods. But later analysis proved that it is actually one of the healthiest oil available. This is especially true for virgin coconut oil which is pressed without the usual heating process. This oil has antimicrobial properties that can rival those that can be found in modern-day ointments. And like the oatmeal, coco oil can heal the skin as it soothes irritation and infection. It is nature’s natural skin moisturizer. Often, the lack of proper moisture on the skin results to the multiplication of microbes which is the case with diaper rash.

In order to heal the skin, you may apply a thin amount of oil over the skin which will act as a moisturizer and kill the microbes. You may also add a few tablespoon of coco oil into your baby’s bath water. This way, it will kill the microbes while she or he bathes.

Aloe Vera

This medicinal plant is quite unique in structure and it can do wonders for your skin’s health. Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory property that gives a soothing effect over irritations. It is essentially skin-friendly with vitamin E to boost healing. For this, it can be applied even on baby’s delicate skin construction. If you have an aloe plant at home, this can be a handy solution for any skin problem. Aloe leaves has gel type consistency which makes it easy to apply.

To do this, simply cut the leaves and apply the gel over the infected area. The gel’s temperature is lower that the ambient temperature thus the results can be felt immediately. Do this up to twice a day to counter pain and inflammation.

Petroleum Jelly

Next on our list of home remedies for diaper rash is Petroleum Jelly. This may not heal diaper rash on its own but it could help lessen the chances of the infection to get worse. This is often given by pediatricians to protect the skin from worsening. It works by giving the skin a thin protective layer each time you change your baby’s diapers. This thin layer protects the skin from constant contact with the urine or fecal matter which is often the reason that diaper rash starts to creep in.

This is a preventive approach when you see the early signs of rash like reddening of the skin. Applying a thin layer over the area that can have contact with the diaper is the way to do it.

And there are other things that you have to consider to totally eliminate the problem that comes with diaper rash. Gentle washing is very important. Remember that baby’s skin is very delicate that even harsh chemicals from soap can actually strip the skin with beneficial nutrients that otherwise makes it healthy. Giving your baby enough fluids could also help. This works by lessening the urine’s concentration so your baby’s skin can have a better fighting chance of healing itself. Also good to note is that daily bath helps keep baby’s skin free from possible infections. Do this other than just cleaning with baby wipes.

Also, make sure that your baby’s bottom is dry during each diaper change. This way, you can minimize the formation of microbes that can disturb your baby’s skin structure. This works in tandem with having proper air flow. Then there’s breast milk. We all know that breast milk has tons of useful nutrients for the baby. And it’s also very useful for the skin. Applying breast milk over the rash can help the skin recover much faster.

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