Chest Congestion Home Remedies: 5 Simple Tips You Should Try

Among the most common ailment people experience is chest congestion. Have you had the feeling of tightness of over your chest? How about having shortness of breath? For sure, most folks had or will have to experience this even just once in their life. Common causes of chest congestion are colds and allergies. Often, one would directly run to the medicine cabinet to counter it. But did you know that there are readily available home remedies that will work perfectly, or even better, for chest congestion? For that, here are some of the chest congestion home remedies you may try.


Although it may sound very simple, this method is actually very effective for chest congestion. We all know that steam can break down mucus pretty easily and can give ample warmth for the chest as well. This can even relax you in the process. To do this, you need a bowl of hot water, freshly boiled if available. Place your face over the water and cover your head with a towel. This will focus the steam more into your face. Breathe in the steam and stay on that position for as long as you can, count around three to four seconds.

Be warned that the steam can be very hot for some folks thus you have to adjust according your preference. Also good to note is that you may add eucalyptus oil to further enhance the effects. Repeat 2-3 time each day to relieve congestion. Further, this method might not be appropriate for children, pregnant women or for people suffering from heart ailments and the likes.


This one comes from the root of Curcuma longa plant. You might have heard about it because it is an ingredient of curry. This gives the curry its main color. It comes with a warm bitter taste. But our main concern over this is the fact that this plant has a lot of beneficial chemicals that help combat ailments. The main reason? It cuts down inflammation that is often the manifestation of common infections like what causes chest congestion. Take colds for instance.

It may not appear like it but colds is actually caused by the inflammation of respiratory system which in turn produces excess mucus which then causes congestion. Keeping the inflammation at bay will surely work wonders over your situation. To have access to these benefits, you may want to add a pinch of turmeric into a class of water. Gargle it 3 to 4 times a day. This should be enough to counter the congestion.


Another chest congestion home remedies you might consider is Ginger. It is another plant root that can alleviate the symptoms of chest congestion. This plant is a common kitchen ingredient which has a wide array of application for various menus. It is hot but is very fragrant. This makes it an important ingredient for Asian foods. The main effect of this food is similar to turmeric. Only that is has other beneficial results like combating nausea. Ginger works with the body inflammation.

It counters the infection by combating its effect in the cellular level. The main cause of chest congestion is colds. This is commonly caused by virus which attacks the respiratory system. This makes the cells agitated mainly causing havoc to the respiratory system. This then causes inflammation, then chest congestion. This makes the system impaired thus you may feel sluggish all day long. Chopped fresh ginger can have multiple benefits for this.  Simply add a cup of water to the chopped rhizomes and cover for a few minutes. Serve as tea. You may add honey if you prefer it. The hot tea can be very relaxing as you sip it. It comes with a little tingling bite which is perfect itchy throat. Sip 3 to 4 cups each day for optimum benefits.

Lemon and Honey

Lemon is a rich source of vitamins, especially vitamin C. And it has been known by so many studies that vitamin C comes with ample amount of benefits that some folks call it the “ultimate Vitamin”. Honey on the other hand is among the cleanest food available. Gathered by bees from various flowers, the resulting substance is a sweet and delectable one, a perfect substitute for sugar. But did you know that honey is actually a good antiseptic? This food has anti-viral and anti-bacterial property that makes it good remedy for some diseases.

Both lemon and honey might already be enough for alleviating common cold. But combining it can have great effects for your body. And it doesn’t take much for you to garner the multitude of benefits. If you are fond of sipping tea then you will surely love this. Prepare your tea as usual. Then add honey as sweetener. Then splash some lemon over it. Sip a few cups each day. This will have calming effect over your chest and throat.

Further tips in reducing chest congestion

Refraining from taking foods like dairy products can help. Studies have shown that animal fats can actually agitate further the situation as it can have negative results with inflammation. Sugar and oil can have similar effect. Remember the inflammation causes production of excess mucus which in turn further worsens the problem.

And of course, let’s not forget the most practical advice; drink more fluids like fresh fruit juices and water. This will ensure the body has the right amount of fluids that can help flush out harmful toxins that might have caused the body’s immune system to fail.

And remember that proper diet can have folds of positive effects on the body. For such, a well-balanced diet can help you recover faster. A healthy lifestyle is a sure way to conquer the challenges of having healthy body.


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