The Bottom Line: 4 Useful Methods to Help Babies Sleep Well

How to help the infants sleep well? Perhaps, this is a consideration of most parents. Even, it is more important than what the babies eat and how many kilograms they weighed.

The newborn babies and little kids need to sleep enough to develop a comprehensive manner. So, parents need to know the way to make sure their babies sleep well. Let’s experience how to take care of a good sleep for a kid with us!

Bring a Good Sleep for Babies only with 4 Beneficial Methods


#1 – Create a Suitable Sleeping Space

The key rule to help infants sleep well is to sleep on time. Let’s practice a sleeping-on-time habit right now! At once, it creates an ideal space for babies, in particular, a subdued lighting and a melodious sound.

Like that, the babies that will not need many actions of parents can still fall asleep quickly. At once, parents can also protect your children from the mosquito. The little kids beginning a good sleep no more stressful will easily sleep again after each of waking to eat the night.

To help the babies realize the sleep time, you ought to clean, massage, breastfeed, tell stories, or sing a lullaby for babies. Repeating these activities every night will create a habit for kids.

Once the infants start being acquainted with these, you just need to console them, who can sleep immediately. Remember that you should place your baby on his/her back to minimize the risk of SIDS – Sudden infant death syndrome.

#2 – Bring a Gentle Sleep as Possible for Babies


Sleeping is a natural necessity of all infants. Nonetheless, not all babies are easy to fall asleep a quick way. The newborn baby is sleepy, but you place him/her on the bed suddenly or there is any loud noise, which can make him/her wake up.

Accordingly, when coming the sleeping time, mothers can breastfeed, bottle-feed, or let the baby hold the pacifier. And then, once you recognize any sleepy signs of the baby, you can sing a lullaby to limit the sudden sounds. Step by step, place him/her on the bed gently.

Noticeably, for the sensitive babies, to avoid the baby to cry when removing out of his/her mother’s arms, keep a blanket while holding the baby. In that way, your baby will always feel warm despite leaving her/his mother’s arms.

#4 – Let the Baby Sleep with His/ Her Mother

The infants sleeping with their parents have many advantages. First of all, it connects a love between mother and the baby. Aside from that, it also creates an invisible physical connection between both.

If your baby still breastfeeds, sleeping with his/her mother is very convenient when the mother feeds or change overnight diapers. Even, mothers can also console their baby if he/she wake up. It is noticed that this one is helpful for the shy kids.

On the other hand, the babies sleeping with their parents will be easier to be impacted than the babies sleeping alone.

According to some reliable scientific studies, the kids sleeping with their parent on a bed will have a higher risk of SIDS than the children sleeping alone.

In fact, there are approximately 50% of the deaths related to SIDS when the baby sleeps with their parents.

Based on the instruction of the American Academy of Pediatrics, mothers and fathers should allow the babies to sleep in a cradle and place next to their parents’ bed. Yes, there is the safest. Plus, don’t forget to ensure the following basic principles:

  • Place your baby on his/her back when sleeping
  • Keep away from any objects that may interfere with the movement of your infant
  • Don’t let your baby sleep on a sofa or armchair
  • Maintain a smoke-free environment
  • Parents are not enabled using alcohol, drugs, or any stimulant when having the presence of their baby
  • Avoid placing your baby between father and mother

#5 – Want His/ Her Mother to Hold When Sleeping – Give up This Habit


The infants under 5 months often have this habit, which wants their parents to hold when sleeping. This one can create the feeling of the dependence.

Accordingly, if the babies leave the warm embrace of their mother, they will cry, not sleep, or even be easy to wake up.

Similar to weaning for babies, mothers let the little kid sleep alone. Let’s be patient! It is possible that you will take a few weeks. Otherwise, its benefit is very big. Your baby will become more independent.

To reject this habit, mothers need to prepare the pacifier, the interesting stories, and the lullaby. Don’t need to wait until the baby slept. Place him/her in a cradle when he/she is still awake.

Mothers sit next to the cradle and swing him/her to sleep. If the baby cries, you can talk, console, or sing. You will only hold the baby when he/she cries out loud.


At the end of the post, we hope that you will be able to take care of your baby’s sleep better after reading this article. Apart from these ways, you can also use Chamomile tea including many vitamins, which helps your baby a better sleep. Good healthy!!!


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