7 Lesser Known Home Remedies for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be very annoying. Imagine when you’re enjoying your food when suddenly a jolt of pain rushes through. Millions of people experience this and it can affect your social life in a very bad way. But it’s not all negative, you can do something to alleviate your situation and, the fun part is, you can even do this at home.

Baking Soda

One thing that causes sensitive teeth is damaged enamel. Remember that the enamel is the forefront when it comes to dealing with sensitive teeth and this is one area that you must start looking into. And to further worsen the situation, if you have excess saliva or low saliva production in your mouth, it can lead to softening of your teeth’s enamel. This simply adds to your burden. For that reason, it becomes a no-brainer to bring back the tooth in its healthy state. This is where baking soda is of big aid. To do it, simply take a quarter glass of water and pour a quarter teaspoon of baking soda into it. Rinse your mouth with this mixture every morning. Alternatively you can use it while you’re brushing. Repeat this until you feel less sensitive over your teeth.

Use a softer tooth brush

Our teeth are as strong enough to serve us for a lifetime. But there are other elements at play that hastens the deterioration of your healthy teeth, more specifically, the enamel. Think about enamel as your car’s paint. Even how thick it may seem if you expose it to abrasives on regular basis it will eventually wear out. This is the same as with your teeth. Using the right toothbrush coupled with the right brushing technique can really spell wonders. If you observe that your teeth seemed to be more sensitive when using a certain toothbrush then you might want to check it. The harder the bristles, the more likely it is to scrape the enamel faster. Softer brushes can do the job right, you just need to practice the right brushing techniques for it.

Clean your teeth regularly

It’s not just about the proper brushing technique or a miracle toothbrush. You have to clean your teeth regularly. Plaque can develop when you neglect your teeth. Yes, it’s not really a big issue, until you realize it can cause acid formation over your teeth. This can lead to enamel damage, or even tooth carries. You have to be extra specific with your oral hygiene. Remember that every day this pair of external bones is facing tremendous abuse. Think about all the food you eat. And if that’s not enough think about the grinding you do each day. These things can deplete the elements that make your enamel healthy. Food, especially those trapped in between teeth, can cause havoc. Thus, it’s a good idea that you add flossing on your regular regimen.

Try toothpaste for sensitive teeth

These days, there are over-the-counter toothpastes that offer to alleviate tooth sensitivity. It works by filling those abrasions that can be found on your teeth. As mentioned above, teeth sensitivity is caused by damaged enamel. The approach here is to “fill” those tiny holes so that the effect of elements, like too much heat or cold, can be minimized if not eliminated. Brushing with this kind of toothpaste should help return the healthy state of your teeth’s enamel.

Night Guard

If you’re among the people that grind their teeth while sleeping, you are more likely to suffer from sensitive teeth. Although teeth grinding may be normal for some, it is not good for your pearly whites, it damages your enamel pretty bad. As teeth grinding at night are a common problem, solution has been developed to alleviate the problem. To achieve positive results and prevent the teeth from chipping, it will help that you wear a night guard to protect your teeth. This fairly simple device will help protect the enamel while you sleep. This will prevent exposure of the roots that’s one reason for that elevated teeth sensitivity. These night guards can be had from your average medical shops.

Gargle with Warm salt water

Salt is such an amazing thing that can help you through some situations. And what can it offer for teeth sensitivity? Well, we have already established that teeth abrasion damages teeth enamel. And teeth enamel is composed of minerals. Salt actually helps is replenishing those lost minerals. To do this, you have to prepare a glass of warm water. Then add around half a teaspoon of salt. Gargle with it every morning until your situation gets better. As a bonus, this process does not just help get back those lost minerals on your enamel, it also helps get rid of those nasty acids from the food you eat giving an overall healthier mouth.

Further, there are foods that really push your teeth’s enamel to its limits. An Exposure to red wine or fruit juices can make your enamel softer. Also acidic food like oranges and pickles can put your enamel under constant burden. If you experience teeth sensitivity try to limit these foods and drinks. And because these sorts of foods “soften” the enamel, try to brush about 20 minutes after eating. This will help minimize the damage that is already present. And if you happen to still have healthy enamel, these steps will help you retain it as damage to it is irreversible.

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