7 Known Home Remedies for Hangover

After a heavy drink, it is likely that people will easily catch hangover which can easily cause people to feel so uncomfortable because toxins in alcohol will spread, leading to many negative consequences. That explains why we can rarely work and study effectively after having a hangover. In particular, not only your brain but also the nervous system cannot operate properly during the time of hangover, instead, you will suffer from continuous times of a headache, vomiting, lose energy and feel fearful about moving.

Regarding the treatment for a hangover, it is said that all of what you need is having a good rest and waiting for it to go away. More than this, you can try these following home remedies for hangover to say good bye this issue quickly.

1. Bananas 

People have many reasons to eat a banana daily, and today you get one more. Facts have shown that this wonderful fruit will provide body system potassium – a substance of importance for the removal of hangover. Additionally, thanks to the habit of eating bananas, the amount of your energy will also be increased remarkably. Eat 1-2 bananas Alternatively, get a mixture of banana and milk with a little honey and drink it.

2. Honey 

Honey is a traditional home remedy which is applied by many people to get rid of a hangover. Facts have shown that this simple ingredient is loaded with potassium – an element beneficial for keeping yourself awake. Plus, honey will effectively help control pH level in our body system efficiently. Add 2 spoons of honey into enough water, stir them before drinking. Repeat the process until you feel better.

3. Tomatoes 

Tomato lovers should be very happy when hearing that this common fruit can take incredible effect of getting rid of a hangover. In fact, fructose loaded in tomatoes is able to flush out toxins in your body system really well. Also, vitamins, as well as minerals in this special kind of vegetable, will recover you well by providing it enough energy to operate properly. Extract juice from some tomatoes, then add a spoon of honey into the solution and consume it 2-3 times. 4. Sleep – Home Remedies for Hangover

4. Sleep 

For sure, sleep is the best way to overcome hangover symptoms because this process will provide your body system a chance to take a rest and recover again. Therefore, you should do nothing but have a full sleep after a heavy drink.5. Egg and Toast – Home Remedies for Hangover

5. Egg and Toast 

The mixture of toast and egg is an ideal method which can serve as a home remedy for hangover. Specifically, if toast provides your body system with enough carbohydrates, eggs are a valuable source of cysteine. And these 2 above-mentioned elements are so essential for the treatment of hangover. All of what you have to do is eat eggs with some toast in the morning after an overnight party.6. Avoid Smoking – Home Remedies for Hangover

6. Avoid Smoking 

It is undeniable that drinking too much will do damage to your stomach. Therefore, you should not worsen the situation by smoking. This habit will prevent you from recovering and letting a larger amount of toxins enter your body, which is so dangerous.

7. Oil Pulling

People believe that headache and many other troubles coming from hangover will disappear quickly due to the help coming from oil pulling. To be more detailed, this home remedy will effectively remove toxins from your body and help you stay awake promptly. Warm up a handful of lavender oil and massage your head with the oil for 15 minutes.

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