6 Sinus headache home remedies

Often times, sinus headache are mistaken by many as migraine. This is for the reason that one will experience almost identical symptoms, pressure over your head. But upon closer look, you will see that sinus headache is caused by inflammation of sinuses, specifically its linings. When this happens one will experience pressure over the area of the eyes and cheeks resulting to painful experience. For that it is a must that you cure your sinuses to deal with the accompanying headache.


This is a much known anti-inflammatory. The effects are actually very close to what modern drugs do, or might be even better. Also good to note, this herb has a calming effect thus making the healing process even faster. As it also help achieve better blood circulation, it as aids with faster cell recovery. And all you need to grab these benefits is the root. Slice thinly a small amount of root until you have around one tablespoon. Place it in a cup and pour some previously boiled water. Let it sit for at least 3 minutes to extract the necessary essentials. Strain the roots out and drink the resulting tea. You need at least two cups in a day, one in morning and another one in the evening. Repeat it until your symptoms are gone which should take two to three days.

Steam inhalation

As the problems with clogged sinuses are associated with inflammation, it becomes necessary to keep your sinuses clear. You can do this by inhaling humid warm air. On one hand, the humidity helps with unclogging the airways with mucus, commonly accompanies sinusitis. The warmth on the other hand, helps ease the inflammation thus rendering a nice and thorough effect. This process does not require much. Simply prepare a small, clean basin and a hot water. Pour some hot water into the basin. After that, place your head over it, the nearer the better but take into account how much heat you can take. Beware of scalding. Also, it would helpful if you have small towel to cover your head. It will help in maximizing the use of the resulting steam.

Saline solution

We’ve already established that mucus is among the responsible for sinus headache. The feeling of fullness over your head and face will give a lot of discomfort. One simple solution, in conjunction with other remedies, is to use saline solution. This will help irrigate your nasal passageway thus relieving you with that feeling of fullness and discomfort. These days, there are numerous saline solutions available that can be used as is. The one with a spray applicator is more desirable. Simply apply two squirts over each nostril then let it sit for around 30 seconds after that you need to blow the mucus out. Do this as needed.

Proper hydration

Many folks do not realize that water can help with clearing the air passageways. The key here is the formation of mucus. Mucus tends to become thinner when you drink more water. This helps in expelling it easier resulting to lower pressure over your sinuses, easing your sinus headache. And this one does not cost much effort at all. On average, 1.5 liters a day will be enough. But because you need to support your sinuses, at least two liters becomes a necessity. It might sound too much but the trick here is to drink in small amounts with shorter intervals. One good way to do this is by drinking a glass, or around 200 ml, of water every hour. This will make your situation much bearable.

Hot spicy Foods

Have you remembered eating a spicy food? Then you might have taken note how much lighter it is to blow your nose after. This is a fact and really, spicy foods tend to thin mucus. This helps with your sinus headache. Common example you may want to try out are mustard, hot peppers, curry, horseradish, and even wasabi. Including these spices over you favorite meals will help with your discomfort.

Hot compress

This one is an alternative to steam inhalation. As warm air can help relax your sinuses, it helps in unclogging it. You need a basin with hot water and small towel. Dip the towel into the hot water until its dripping wet. You need to squeeze out some of it to suit your preference. The key ingredient over this step is the steam it produces. Place it over your face so you can inhale the steam. This will also relax your muscles over that area together with your sinuses. Do this in the morning and another in the evening. Repeat it until your symptoms clears out.

Further, proper diet and nutrition will play huge roles in clearing your sinuses. Taking vitamin C supplements are known to help with colds. This is a good antioxidant and it will help out with possible underlying infections associated with sinusitis and sinus headache. Common practice for adults require 500mg tablet each day. This should be enough to help with cold and sinus problems. Even a hot bowl of soup helps in decongestion. The steam part is helpful. Also, avoid alcoholic drinks as it can cause further inflammation. Avoiding caffeine is also helpful. Remember that too much caffeine will cause palpitation. This on its own can cause inflammation which can get your sinuses involve. Thus, if you have a history of sinusitis, it would be wise to trim down on caffeine. Also, taking proper rest is very important to achieve proper healing. Your body can only heal during rest. Take at least 8 hours of sleep at night but do not oversleep beyond 10 hours. This will give your body more recovery time.

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