6 Home remedies for migraine headaches to ease your pain

Imagine yourself planning an activity days ahead. Then suddenly, on that very day, you feel that jolting pain inside your head. That’s when you realize migraine just got ahead of you. Fortunately, you can remedy that pain even at home. Here’s some step that you can do to free yourself from this painful situation.


This herb works in two ways. First it has an anti-inflammatory property which helps soothe the nerves. Second, it relaxes tension that calms your senses. There have been studies that observed this fragrant herb to be associated to relieving pain and headaches. And while other herbal remedies require elaborate process to extract the most out of it, with peppermint all you need is a tea made out of it. Simply place 4 to 8 leaves of this herb into previously boiled water. Leave it there for around 3 minutes before you drink. You may add honey to suit your taste. But if you have stevia in your garden, adding three leaves would do the trick. Additionally, you may use mixture of peppermint and a drop of essential oils to massage your temple. This will render soothing sensation.


Multiple scientific studies point that ginger actually works similar to OTC anti-inflammatory drugs. It works by blocking prostaglandins, the chemical that promotes muscle tensions resulting to imbalance of hormones in blood vessels. All you need is to slice some ginger until you have around one tablespoon. Put it in a cup and pour some previously boiled water. Leave it there for at least 3 minutes. Drink the tea and enjoy the soothing aroma. Do this three times a day to achieve positive results. If you are among those that can tolerate ginger’s taste, you may opt to chew a piece of raw ginger root. This will achieve the same result.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider is among the known powerhouse that can help with most common ailments. And it will take care of your migraines in a peaceful way. If you look deeper to the cause of migraine, it does not just revolve around your brain. As it is triggered by chemical imbalance, the problem most often starts with toxins inside your body. Apple cider vinegar works by aiding detoxification of your system. This in turn helps control blood sugar, regulates high blood pressure, reduces bone pain, and even promotes weight loss. To enjoy these benefits, you have to add one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar into a glass of drinking water. Adding one tablespoon of honey will help with the taste. Gulp down on this once a day not just to treat migraine but also to prevent recurrence.


Water is one of the simplest home remedy anyone can actually do. Most often, people are not keen in drinking enough water on daily basis. But little did they know that inadequate amount of water inside the body can actually result to poor blood circulation. Yes, even though you may not feel sluggish or thirsty, your body actually needs to replenish a small amount of water every hour. Dehydration on a smaller scale can lead to toxins build up which can lead to migraines in the long run. So a simple thing like drinking at least a glass of water every hour can actually relive you from migraines.

Light exercise

Most people that suffer migraine say that they can barely stand up because of the pain. And although it may sound absurd for some, a short walk outdoors can actually relieve your pain. You don’t need to walk a mile for this to work. A short 10 minute walk can actually promote good blood circulation. Exercise helps deliver more oxygen into your brain and nerves. This encourages proper detoxification and pain relief. And while you’re at it, drink water to maximize the results. And it has been proven so many times that regular exercise will also help cut chances of future recurrence.

Ice pack

If the pain does not go after an hour, it would help to apply ice pack. This method releases some tension over your head which causes migraine. It has numbing effect that keeps the pain at bay. All you need is to prepare an ice pack or a few ice cubes wrapped in a clean towel. You need to place it on your temples and forehead. Also, it would help that you alternate at the back of your neck. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes. You may repeat it as needed. It’s good to note that it will be very helpful to do the icepack method it tandem with one of the previously-mentioned steps.

Further, do take note that some foods will trigger migraine. Take caffeine of instance. This substance can be found in some of your favorite foods. This one can constrict blood vessels which can trigger headaches. Of course you can have coffee but limit your sip for up to 2 cups each day, you will thankful you did. Soda drinks also contain small amount of caffeine so you have to be mindful of it. Alcoholic drinks can as well trigger migraines thus it will be useful to trim down it down a bit. It would also help that you do not miss meals. Hunger can trigger sugar level fluctuation. This can escalate painful migraines. Eating at regular intervals will help your body manage proper blood glucose level better. Having good sleeping habits is also very important. Proper rest is essential for the body to get rid of toxins and to do “internal” repairs. Don’t prolong waking hours if it’s not necessary.

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