6 Effective and Natural Ways to Heal Cavities

Cavities happen to be one of the biggest enemies of the teeth and the concept of the tooth fairy is a complete myth. The society has made us believe that the cavity and the tooth decay problem are almost irreversible.

But that is not the case. There are quite a few holistic and natural cures for cavities that are fairly easy to implement and quite effective. Though there are several dental fillings and procedures available today, but cavity reversal is the first thing that should be attempted before opting for foreign elements in our mouth.

That is why here are some of the natural remedies to heal cavities. Just read on.

• Clove Oil -Cloves happen to be a natural remedy for the oral infection used since the ancient times that also help with decaying and damaged teeth. Clove oil happens to be a strong antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal agent and it helps to cleanse the oral cavity. Not only that, it assists to repair the receding gums and other damaged oral tissues, too. In fact, with frequent usages, it can effectively stop even a bacterial infection. You can apply two-three drops of clove on cotton ball and place it on your aching tooth to combat a painful tooth. You should also bite down in order to hold onto the cotton ball in the place. Before long, about after 15 minutes you can feel a reduction in the pain and can remove the cotton ball. In order to improve the gums health, you should simply massage the oil into the tissue once a day.

• Oil Pulling – Oil pulling which is known as gundusha or kavala is nothing but swishing your mouth with a tablespoon of oil on an empty stomach for around 20 minutes. This activity improves the dental and overall health and also eliminates the toxins. You should use about 10 ml of either the cold-pressed coconut or sesame oil for this therapy. You should decrease the amount of oil for the kids. You should allow the oil to be in your mouth for 10 minutes and keep on swishing it around. You should continue this till the time when the water blends in the saliva and turns into a watery material. You should also use the tongue to reach out to all the oral cavities. Nevertheless, if it feels uncomfortable you should spit it out.

• Diet that Is Tooth-friendly – Many dentists agree on the fact that the dental health can be controlled to a great extent by the food that is eaten by us as well as the nutritional value of the same. For the healthy bones as well as teeth, a diet is needed that is rich in fat-soluble food. That is why you should eat a lot of Vitamin D and calcium rich foods like the dairy, seafood, soy, fortified foods and green leafy veggies in order to make the teeth stronger. Diet can bring out a considerable difference. Studies have revealed that a calcium and vitamin-D rich diet for 6 months can make a lot of difference. The formation and spread of active carries are actively reduced by this diet. So always try to opt for a diet that is low in processed foods and high in nutrients.

• Salt Water – Every morning, you should gargle with hot salt water for about 60 seconds prior to starting to brush. In order to heal the cavities, you should try this remedy at least thrice a day before eating. This will disinfect and also help to reduce the impact of cavity and heal it completely.

• Aloe Vera – Research has revealed that 100 percent pure aloe vera oil juice has proven to be as effective as the standard ingredient of the mouthwashes which is chlorhexidine. During the longer test periods, another study brought to light similar results. The Streptococcus mutans present inside the mouth that produce plaque together with yeast known as Candida albicans are also killed by aloe vera and thus, it helps to protect the teeth and the gums from decay. After your normal routine of dental hygiene, you should brush the teeth with aloe vera gel or rinse the mouth with cent percent aloe vera juice.

• Neem Juice – You should apply neem juice on the teeth that are cavity-ridden or are affected by cavity. You should wash off using warm water. Apart from that, you should also brush your teeth using neem induced toothpastes or neem sticks to keep the cavities at bay.

The above are some of the natural and effective ways to heal cavities. If these don’t work you should not delay and visit the reputed dental hospital in Delhi where professionals will be able to treat your cavities in the right way so that you can have a great oral health and smile

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