5 Natural Remedies for Stubborn Dandruff

When we suffer from dandruff, this is not that the black jackets covered with white dots which disturb, but also the itching and the feeling of dryness at the level of the scalp. The symptoms of this chronic disorder, are varied: problems of the skin, sensitivity to chemicals, stress, limestone water… if the films are not caused by a skin disease such as psoriasis, there are shampoos designed to eliminate them. But if you prefer to find a solution by rummaging through your cupboards, here are a few ideas:


wash your hair as you normally do, then Pour a yogurt nature on your head. You can adjust the dose as a function of the length of your hair. Gently massage the tip of your finger and let it act for about twenty minutes. Rinse and repeat with each shampoo, then less and less often when the films are decreasing.

Coconut oil

Coconut Oil is very nourishing for the hair and helps reduce the amount of dandruff. Apply a small quantity of oil (liquid) on your scalp, massage and leave act as long as possible, between 15 minutes and an entire night. Rinse thoroughly, and made several shampoos to eliminate it entirely.

Cider Vinegar

The level of acidity of the cider vinegar is used to inhibit the production of dandruff. Dilute a glass of vinegar with a glass of water, apply the mixture on your skull and let ask during a quarter of an hour and then use your usual shampoo. This product is easier to rinse that the coconut oil, but there is a risk of it leave a slight smell on your hair for a few hours.


Reduce a few stamps of ASPIRIN powder in a mortar or by placing them in a plastic bag that you overwrite with a roller to the pastry or a bottle of water. Mix the powder with water up to the obtaining of a paste and apply it on your head. Let install a quarter of an hour and rinse. You can also add the powder of aspirin in the shampoo for booster its action anti-dandruff.

Aloe vera

unlike other home remedies, the aloe vera does not combat necessarily causes dandruff but helps to relieve the itching and to calm the irritation of the skin. Apply a tablespoon of gel on your scalp and gently massage for immediate relief and leave act a whole night if possible before rinsing. If you have a plant in your home, cut a piece of sheet, remove the thorns, chop-the in two in the length and scrape the inside with a spoon.

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