5 Home Remedies For Cough You’ll Probably Find In Your Kitchen

There are a number of different reasons why a person would have a cough. Most of the time, a cough is a symptom of another ailment but it can be a problem all on its own. When it is just a lone condition, it is usually due to reasons such as the air, allergies or blocked airways. There are plenty of over the counter medicines to help treat a cough but they can be highly expensive and it is important to read all the labels. It can often be worth checking out some home remedies for cough. Here are the top 5 ways to help remove that annoying ailment by using ingredients that you can probably find in your own cupboard.

  1. A Humidifier

If you are struggling to breathe due to a lack of moisture in your air, this is one of the best ways to add the moisture back. Dry air will dry out your airways and cannot always be helped, especially during those hot, summer months. A humidifier can offer than instant cure.

  1. Steam/Water

Of course, if you do not want to spend a lot of money, or are not sure that that is the underlying cause, there are ways to test that out first. Try turning up the shower or soaking in a hot bath so that you can breathe in the steam. This will help to add wetness to your trachea to help you stop coughing. Steam rooms are also an option, some will now even add a menthol ingredient to help you open your passageways a lot more to make it easier to breathe. If you find that this helps, another option is to have a bowl of hot water with a few drops of menthol oils. By placing a towel over your head, you can trap the steam and breathe that in; this is even helpful if your cough is due to another illness.


  1. Lemon and Honey

Two things that you will usually find in your kitchen cupboard or are relatively inexpensive to buy if you do not. The two can be added to your tea or just some water and will provide an instant ease to your coughing. These two ingredients have been used as natural cures for a very long time and are often advised by doctors even if your coughing is a symptom of something else.


  1. Herbal Tea

Yes, this can be a little more expensive but they are extremely good when it comes to natural remedies. There are a number flavors that you can try, including lemon, thyme, wild cherry bark and licorice. Herbs are good places to start when it comes to looking for natural healing cures and if you go to the right place, you could find someone who could give you a lot of information about their benefits.


  1. Menthol oils

As mentioned in mixing with water, you can also use menthol oils or eucalyptus oils to help ease breathing. More often than not, rubbing these oils straight onto the chest can help suppress a cough and give an instant relief to the pain that comes from coughing. The body can soak the oils in and you can breathe them in during the night, while you are asleep.


If you believe that your cough is due to another ailment, it is worth checking with your doctor to find out if there are any prescription medicines that will work better; such as antibiotics. However, nine times out of ten, you will have a viral infection and a home remedy for cough will usually help at least sooth the pain, if not help cure the symptom.

One thing that is worth mentioning, is that most of these natural remedies can also be used for children and infants if they are struggling with pesky and persistent coughs that medication cannot help.


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