3 Simple Home Remedies to Treat a Sprained Ankle

Most people have sprained an ankle that occurs just as often during normal daily activities. There are many reasons that can cause a painful sprain such as enjoying a walk on your favorite trail,  climbing the stairs and turned your ankle,  playing sports, or just walking up and down stairs. In fact, you can stretch your ligaments because of forcing your ankle into an awkward position.  Fortunately, there are many ways you can do in order to prevent the ankle pain and other complications associated with sprains. Keep reading to find out 3 ways to treat a sprained ankle.

3 Ways to Treat a Sprained Ankle

Keep Your Balance

In order to avoid sprained ankles as well as other injuries, you should maintain good balance. Remember to improve your overall balance. To do this, you need to do simple things. For instance, you can stand on one foot while you brush your teeth. Besides, it’s also important to visit your doctor and talk to him/her about possible inner ear problems once you get much trouble with balance.

Build Up Ankle Strength

The fact is that you will be less likely to experience sprains if your ankles are stronger. You can engage in your single leg exercises such as dips and lunges to build up your ankles strength. Indeed, you can improve the capacity of standing on your feet as well as controlling changes in your body position if you improve the strength in your ankles.

Strengthen Your Core

You can protect your entire body by strengthening your core. You also need to focus on exercises that strengthen your hips, back, and abdomen. For instance,  a weak core lets your body keep moving while you are running and change your direction suddenly. Then, you can’t avoid excess strain on your ankle and foot. As a result, you will get a rolled or sprained ankle.


Ankle Sprain Recovery Time

You should pay attention to surgery for a sprained ankle. This is a rarely needed for this condition. You will need a removable plastic device as air splint or a walking boot to wear depending on the grade of injury. In fact, you may spend four weeks to six weeks healing your sprained ankle. Also, Rehabilitation is an essential part of your healing. You can improve your success or get you back into your normal activities thanks to ankle-strengthening and ankle stretches exercises. There are three main phases of healing when you recover from your sprained ankle. First, you need to rest and protect your ankle. At the same time, you also need to reduce the swelling for one week. Then, it’s needed to restore range of motion, flexibility, and strength from 1 to 2 weeks. Last, you will return gradually to activities that don’t require twisting the ankle or doing stretching exercises in the third phase. This phase helps to keep you from suffering future ankle sprains.


In addition 3 ways above, you should consider finding a help from Denver Physical Medicine if you are suffering from ankle pain caused by another reason. Hope you find this post useful for you in your healing sprained ankle.

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